Making things happen

In reengineering an organisation, here are some of my thought processes:

  1. Identify stakeholders
  2. Identify stakeholders’ needs
  3. Distill into handful of key deliverables/ benefits
  4. Link benefits back to meeting structure, financial plans, education program and significant events
  5. Design “involvement experience” for an ‘ideal’ or ‘model’ new member, tracing their key benefits and the value placed upon these

Values in this process:

  • MECE
    Ideas and strategies should be Mutual Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive.
  • Outcome focused
    Focus attention on the desired benefits first, only referring to the existing conditions after the ideal has been identified.
  • Manage risk deliberately
    There are places of uncertainty and ambiguity, and circumstances that rely upon individual talent. Strive to build strength into the system, rather than relying upon brilliant individuals.
  • Summarise, evaluate and operationalize the ideas generated
    There are two causes of strategic failure: Poor strategy and poor execution…No matter how great the strategy, success relies upon excellence in execution.