Living your own life…

In Sydney, I came across this little shard of wisdom. Some of it is quite interesting, if challenging to me. What do you think?

Excellence is a way of life, a relentless pursuit of better and better standards. It is not something that some have, it is something we all ought strive towards.

Be in control, part of the ruling elite, rather a victim of those who are. Control gives freedom.

Live your life with passion… Do what you want, and make your dreams a reality… Learn and grow and look to discover new directions. In particular, challenge your mind – train it to be disciplined, focused and aware of the world, rather than getting lost in structured limitations… Those are the traps for the unwary created by the frightened to protect the weak. Don’t avoid something you are scared of on the pretence of not wanting it: that merely deludes yourself and traps you.

You are loved. I tell you this to give insight into my thinking and suggestions for you to consider… Living your own life is challenging, uncharted and fraught with dead-ends; we all strive to profit from the wisdom of those around us, rather than learning it all from experience. And, I believe, we can explore this together.

… It’s amazing the things you can find lying around Sydney airport!