I have confronted a barrage of criticism on website forums for simply stating the truth…

Welcome to being a change agent, a thought leader and a trouble maker.

The trouble with seeing things as they are, rather than as society is, is that you are inevitably criticised.

Did you ever hear of the experiment done in social learning with the monkeys? As I recall, they put a bunch of monkeys in a cage with a banana hanging just out of reach. In the cage, there were a few items that, if correctly arranged, the monkeys could use to be able to reach the banana. Eventually, the monkeys started to try to reach the banana, but before they reached the banana, all the monkeys were punished (electrocuted or something). In time, the monkeys learned that to try to innovate was dangerous and those who tried were punished by the rest of the group. Then, they started replacing the monkeys, one at a time, slowly enough that the new monkeys were punished by the existing monkeys though not by the actual experimenter, so that eventually there were none of the original monkeys left. Despite none of those monkeys having been punished for trying to reach for the banana, if one of the new ones tried, they would be attacked and punished by the other monkeys… the monkeys had been trained in what to do and lacked the self-awareness to questions assumptions.

Scripture reminds us that we ought not place pearls before swine, as the pig will turn and attack us.

We, as a society, will usually attack the messenger… no matter what truth they might bring.

I understand why you are being attacked. If you want to, you can too. There is a reason: Great truths frequently encounter violent opposition from mediocre minds (at least that’s what Einstein thought). It matters little where you advocate change – all systems are built so as to reinforce conservativism.

And conservativism is a good thing. Conservativism helps ensure that only the good ideas are adopted and promoted so as to become part of the whole. In a “free” system, new ideas will be bombarded with tests and challenged repeatedly to ascertain whether the individual advocating the position really believes in the idea as much as to whether the idea is good. That is their job! The challenge is to take our ego out of the equation and to promote the truth, regardless.

Likewise in love. In my experience, intimate relationships tend to highlight our greatest insecurities and fears, and are able to cause us the greatest pain. However, it is only through experiencing such pain and overcoming those insecurities that we are able to move forward… in that context, I believe, we are to face challenges until we remember that ultimately we are designed to be pure love, and share that pure and unconditional love with those around us. And it is only when we have stared down our greatest fears and weaknesses – even reconciled with the darkest parts of our soul – that we are able to be truly free to give purely of ourselves.