Uplift, empower and inspire

What if our schools and parents would uplift, empower and inspire our children…

  • Uplift
    Go beyond the ordinary; do something that they wouldn’t have thought that they could have done otherwise… open the mind to the limitless possibilities that exist in the world.
  • Empower
    Build self-efficacy, the willingness to consider that something is possible and the strength to make it real.
  • Inspire
    Go beyond reality and what is perceived as possible, to see the world as it could be rather than remaining fixated upon how it is.

What a different world we would live in… how different it would be to the frightening picture painted by some (like here).
Surely, we should strive to live in a world that is free and powerful and exciting and interesting… one where we can live how we want to live so far as we are able?

Surely we are not going to be parties to a hidden Objectivist conspiracy…