Reverse or Changeover
Strike using the arm or leg that is furthest from your opponent. For instance, when you are left leg forward, a right leg kick would be a reverse kick.

Shuffle Up
Move your back foot up to your front foot, and step forward with the original front foot.

Step Through
From left leg forward fighter’s stance, step your right leg through, bringing your knees together as your feet are together, and moving to right foot forward fighter’s stance.

Cut Back
Pull your front foot back to your back foot, dropping your body weight downward to enhance your stability. This is often followed by a front kick, and is then called a “prop front kick.”

Without changing your hand position, swap your feet from left leg forward to right leg forward (or vice versa). Jump slightly into the air and slide the feet. A switch kick will have the kicking leg land first, then the front leg, then the kick.

Step your back foot behind you to the same width as your original stance. Pivot around to face the opposite direction.