Emma Leung

Great work to Emma Leung, who appeared this week on the SBS programme, Insight. Emma is an ambitious, articulate and attractive young law student from The University of Sydney, who rose to President of their Golden Key Chapter and was elected as the Asia Pacific Student Representative for that organisation. If you’re interested in what she said, checkout the transcript of the show and look around a third of the way down.

Her publicist is going overtime, last year even scoring her a spot in a fashion competition of sorts where the downside is that you score $200 in clothes!

Perhaps interestingly, she used a classic hypnotic device to show that she’d finished saying anything. “I think I’d rather make a decision based on solid information, based on statistical scientific evidence.” The device is referred to as deleting a referential index, and she used it when she said that she would ‘rather’ do something, without providing an alternative against which her later statement could be compared. Ironically, in this case, her comment reflects conservativism that some might suggest would reduce her capacity to make a decision, outsourcing the thinking to those presenting the evidence. Interesting…

It was great fun lining up against her and her aristocratic pronunciation back in January – congratulations and good luck, Emma!