Basic principles and values?

I was just thinking about some of the things that I regard as important in life…

Firstly, balance between work, rest and service to our community.

Secondly, our conscience and understanding of the ramifications of our actions must be cultivated so as to allow our self-awareness to purify our thoughts and actions.

Finally, it is by education and discipline that we are rendered fit members of any well-organised society.

One thing that I find disturbing is the way that an honest person is often frightening in the modern world. So many of those who strive to ascend the commanding heights have hidden agendas that they fear that the talented individuals called to ascend those difficult cliffs, through the trials, are similarly motivated. There remain those of us who value integrity, virtue and honour… and a few of us who still value those things above rank and fortune.

Perhaps we ought remember that great people are those who have a burning a desire. Paraphrasing Maslow, these are people who must be what they can be.

If you could do anything, and you can, how close are you living today? What have you done today to make your life extraordinary?
How many times have you stumbled over greatness yet picked yourself up and carried on their way?
Perhaps we all do – perhaps the measure of a man or woman is how often they have actually answered the call that has gone out for them…

What do you feel called to do?