What is perfection?

Late last night, I was asked what makes an individual perfect, and what makes a life perfect. Rather than directly responding to these concepts, I will explain my perspective of life, which should answer the topic.

As people, we live to have a spiritual journey of growth and expansion. This journey is facilitated and characterised by a series of challenges and adventures, which may be perceived as either positive or negative, pleasant or unpleasant. Yet, if life is a spiritual journey, the truth is that no experience has either positive or negative valence, except to the extent that it leads to growth. And in this sense, some of our most painful experiences are our most positive.

Perfection is not so much something that is achieved, but is somthing that is realised. All people are ‘perfect’ in the sense that we are living and travelling along the journey of life. That is not to say that we are without flaws or do not make mistakes, but rather to acknowledge that each ‘flaw’ is another step forward.

Life makes an individual perfect. Perfection in life comes from living and experiencing fully. While it would be easy to condemn those who are so scared that they retract from engagement in the world, it is important to remember and acknowledge that they too are perfect.

Perfection comes from remembering that we are all just people living the best that we can. Those who are scared have good reason to be scared. Those who are cruel have learned to be cruel from their experiences in life. Those who are cold and loveless have learned that to put up barriers between themselves and those around them is a safer way to live. Yet it is only by accepting the lessons that are presented to us that we are able to move foward.

When we move forward, we leave behind the baggage of the past. We leave behind the cruel words said by family members, school yard companions and lovers, each having their own journey through life. We can leave that pain behind because we feel that we have ‘got even’ with them, or because we experience a sense of forgiveness. However, the only way to move forward is to let go of such baggage.

All life is perfect. To assert that it is not would be to simultaneously suggest that there is an external body capable of assessing and judging, and that we have insight into that judgment scale. The truth is that whether or not there is a God capable of judging us, we do not have access to their marking scheme. And even if we did, I do not believe that we would be judged against the standards of perfection that our society typically imposes.

Perfection to God would be more about how much we loved those who are incapable of returning that love than the sort of car we drive or where we live. Perfection would be more about how well we have used our talents to paint whatever masterpiece we are capable of painting. Perfection would be more about learning from the mistakes we make than of not making mistakes at all.

Our ‘lower self’ tends to take us away from love, peace and personal Godliness. Our lower self is concerned with judgment and criticism and our ego. Our lower self provides us with our greatest challenges and opportunities for growth. Our lower self is as perfect as we are, though its perfection comes in its tendency to highlight the limitations in our personal growth and development, providing opportunities for us to grow and expand by accessing our higher self.

A perfect individual is one living in a state of love, peace and faith – a person who remembers that they are a child of God. A perfect life is one in which an individual learns the most that they are able to learn from the experiences that they are presented with, an in doing so, lives a life focused on growth and love and peace.

May you realise your perfection and live in that peace and love in which you were born to live.