What it takes to be at the top…

What does it take to make a billion dollars?

In Business Week’s latest collection of the top 50 companies in the world, you can see a listing of how much the CEOs have made in the past year.

  • William W. McGuire managed to rake in $816 million – that’s right $816,000,000 in personal income last year!!!
  • Fred Smith (FedEx) only made $120m last year

(Sure, it’s not enough to live off, but damn it’s a good start!)

What do you think it takes to make the best part of a BILLION DOLLARS in a year?

A few people scored in the hundreds of millions, though really: What does it take?
Surely, these people aren’t THAT much smarter than you are… are they?

What gives them the ability to make hundreds, thousands or perhaps even ten thousand times more money than you made? Are they that much better than you are, or are they using what they have that much better than you’re using what you have?

Hell, it’s making me think…