Martial arts: Microcosm-Macrocosm

We ought give respect to all those who follow their path, no matter what that path might be.

We ought look for excellences that we might emulate.
We ought be aware of deficiencies in others that we might correct those flaws in ourselves.

We ought pursue our path while remaining detached and focused; Detached from the actual outcomes achieved, though focused on giving our all in each moment.

Martial arts training is a powerful metaphor because the links are many, multi-faceted and yet retain depth. Martial arts is a microcosm of life: Perfecting a cut or a punch or a kata has parallels and lessons that can be applied throughout the Universe.

Our strengths, unleashed, grant victory.
Our weaknesses, hidden, ensure defeat.

Appreciating the paradox is a mental exercise. Applying the paradox through distinction, contradistinction and self-awareness of ourselves and our place in the Universe is a spiritual experience. Training ourselves to unleash our strengths without hiding our weaknesses is a physical discipline.