What should you study?

Many people who know me realise that I have spent a lot of time at University. I’ve picked up four degrees across three disciplines along the way, though in many ways it’s a pretty inefficient way to learn what I really want to learn.

While doing what I’ve done has prepared me well for what I do and what I want to pursue in the future, I’ve certainly taken the scenic route!

Today, while reading my gmail, I came across a site that critiques various study options that are open to people: http://www.college-smart.com/

For me, I never really thought much about what I was going to study – I chose what I chose more because it would look good in the newspaper than because I actually was interested in the topic! And even today, as I stare down the prospect of more exams and more assignments, I struggle to justify to myself why I should bother. As a wise person reminded me just this evening over a beautiful cafe latte – thanks to Carlo at La Dolce – sometimes it is time for preparation, but right now it is time for work.