What is NLP???

After some pretty heated discussions about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I have below summarised some of the most important concepts that are linked to NLP.

To me, NLP is an attitude and a methodology that grew into a movement. Attempts to put boundaries on NLP run into difficulties of conflicting interpretation, as the term means different things to different people. NLP attracts some people who regard the methods and philosophies as being able to help align them with excellence, and facilitate them living a richer and more rewarding life. For other people, NLP is a therapeutic system. For still others, NLP is a method of separating naive people from their money.

NLP is not theoretical by nature, though theories have arisen over time. Academic psychology has found little in support of “NLP.” However, my searches of PsychLit and PsychInfo in addition to looking through unpublished theses from Australia’s largest research-based psychology department, suggest that most of these studies have been aimed to discredit rather than to enlighten. Academic psychologists can find it easy to discredit by strawcasing a field that is more interested in finding things that work than it is to proving them academically.

Rather than focusing upon the limitations of an area of information or study, one interested in expanding one’s mind would be better served with focus on what they can gain, rather than defensively criticise that which they do not understand.