What is beauty?

Form and function alignment + Resonance with innate patterns

Pattern resonance may take the form of universal patterns, societal patterns and personal preferences… perhaps also the communication of a message. This also takes into account facial proportion findings, hip:waist ratios in women (indicating fertility) and shoulder widths in men (indicating strength and vitality). Proportions and colour are all able to be taken into account.

What is beautiful? An aluminium roof? A Moleskine? A rose? A smile? Could you get reliable form/function measures, combine these with resonance measures and explain the variance in a factor analysis of subjective beauty? Measures are likely to be state dependent, perhaps due to state-dependency of patterns or the quality of form-function relationship identification.

What are we born with and what do we learn? That sports cars should be low and sleek comes from a knowledge of aerodynamics… to what extent does education expand or refine our appreciation of beauty? To what extent does it leave us analysing at the expense of appreciating?