Time management and business

Time management

  • Focus
    Be 100% in the moment in whatever you are doing. Be totally focused on your relationship, your work or your relaxation when you are doing it; less than total focus leads to dispersion of energy and lost effectiveness. There is no balance in nature – equilibrium is a delusion; reality is a steady state… we live through punctuated equilibriums… a series of fixations. Focus on those moments of total intensity.
  • Prioritise
    Delete those activities that aren’t leading you to access your highest talents and highest self. Stop doing them or get someone else to do them for you.

Supply what is missing. Give people what they need. Ask them what they would want to make things better; envision how things could be made better for them. Expand your margin through efficiencies and expand your volume through value chain integration and complimentary sales, but most importantly, supply what is missing.