Thoughts on relationships in response to The Seat of the Soul

  • As we strive to grow, learn and expand as people, relationships can allow us to accelerate our journey. Commitment teaches us to care for another person more than yourself… teaches us to release our wants of personality. Indeed, without commitment, you cannot see others as your soul sees them: “as beautiful and powerful spirits of Light.”
  • “Marriage” evolved to support physical survival. In our pursuit of spiritual growth, we can conceive of a spiritual partnership, relationships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. This is manifested between individuals and between communities – spiritual partnerships beyond oneself… ultimately, each soul becomes responsible for the whole world.
  • Spiritual partnerships require you to grow by setting aside the needs of your personality to accommodate your partner’s spiritual growth: You serve yourself by serving them and thereby align your growth with your partner’s.
  • Relationships involve Love, Commitment and Trust. Commitment must be translated into a satisfactorily secure form for both partners. Paradoxically, you will put your partnership most at risk by avoiding that which you are most afraid will destroy it… to express what is inside you, especially that which makes you feel vulnerable, painful, angry or upset… allows you to heal.
  • Concern leads to closeness, appreciation and mutual regard.
  • We must strive to see each other as spiritual playmates.
  • Souls that choose the lesson of responsibility incarnate in positions of greater potential impact upon the world.