Sparring combinations

  1. Jab, inside leg kick, roundhouse, double head punch
  2. Jab, spinning backfist, sidekick.
  3. Double head punch.
  4. Jab, front foot front kick, double head punch.
  5. Leg kick, reverse punch.
  6. Leg kick front kick of either foot.
  7. Jab, spinning back kick, leg kick.
  8. Jab, double head punch.
  9. Inside crescent, reverse punch.
  10. Check their leg kick with my shin on their thigh
  11. Double head-punch
  12. Uppercut-hook
  13. Double head-punch, uppercut-hook
  14. Jab, reverse knee
  15. Jab, double head-punch, reverse front kick
  16. Left check, right roundhouse kick
  17. Jab, right body punch, uppercut overhand right
  18. Knees (from a grappling posture)
  19. Jab, switch front kick, roundhouse
  20. Double jab
  21. Feint, overhand right
  22. Switch front kick, double head-punch
  23. Jab, reverse front kick, double head-punch, reverse roundhouse kick (land side-on), step up-backfist-sidekick
  24. Jab, left inside leg kick, right roundhouse
  25. Bag combos
  26. Roundhouse – sidekick (no step in between)
  27. Round house spin BF
  28. Punches
  29. LJ RJ LHK (keep arm horizontal) RJ (remember keep the right hand up and in tight)
  30. Vertical elbow (remember weight behind it and drive through)
  31. Nihanchin elbow (vertical then to the left)
  32. Muay Thai knee (vertical then in hitting with the inside of the knee)
  33. Straight knees