For me, I know that when I’m feeling healthiest and most vital is when I am eating vegetarian. Then, I find meat really difficult to eat.

Today, for example, my dinner consisted of two slices of toast and a large plate filled with pumpkin, a zucchini, two roma tomatos, half an avocado… with basil and parsley and balsamic vinegar and some eggplant based pasta sauce. I was going to have it with pasta (even heated the water!), but realised it would probably be even better just on its own, so didn’t put the pasta in the pot! Healthy snacks – like pumpkin with pasta sauce… hommus with carrot sticks… juice… that’s what I need to take the time to make myself.

At this point, for me, I find it difficult to seek out red meat, I’ve probably been a little more irrationally one-eyed than I should have been.

Now I feel that there probably is some purpose and value to taking some meat (and perhaps even red meat) on occasions.

As Jack told me ~1998, bone density is proportional to demand – if you don’t use it (through load bearing exercise), you’ll lose it. Osteoperosis is caused by people watching television rather than them not drinking enough milk.

I would like to work towards choosing non-dairy alternatives… perhaps focusing back on chocolate (including italian hot chocolate at La Dolce) and away from milk.

Beyond that, eating more fruits and vegetables is my top priority… just getting greater volume of servings! I can even handle meat a few times each week if I’m getting enough fruit and vegetables.