Jonar Nader’s Logictivity

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I love his work… and would love your thoughts on his comments and
assertions… it’ll probably take you about 10 minutes to go through
this thoroughly. If you’re interested, I’ll give you mine too 😉


I am not on a mission to save the world. I am not on a mission to
achieve greatness. What I have realised as I have gained experience on
this beautiful planet is that I am supremely blessed and fortunate to
be alive and prosperous.

This has not always been the case. There was a time when I was not
alive, and there was a time when I was not prosperous. These days, I
do not measure my wealth in dollars. I am appalled at the number of
people who try so hard to make money. There are many ways to make
money. But what’s the point? To me, my mission is to live. To marvel
at how my eyes work. To stare at a flower and go weak with admiration
at the incomprehensible miracles of life and death. To observe my body
as a blob of flesh and bones that operates non-stop on air, water, and
glorious food. How is it so? How does it work? Amazing indeed!

I speak like a person who appreciates life. And I must admit that I
might not have been so passionate if it were not for the fact that I
nearly lost my life several times. Yes, I am one of those people who
came so near death that I am delighted to wake up every morning. When
I go for walks with friends, I have to halt and watch the sunset. I
have to freeze and watch the bird take flight. Many people do not
understand what it means to be alive.


There was also a time when I had no confidence. I was teased at school
for everything I did and everything I did not do. I was harassed about
what I had, and what I could not afford. I was tormented for being who
I was, and bullied for not being what others wanted me to be. I was
ridiculed for my looks and my features that I could not change. It was
jolly hard to please anyone.

When I began to realise that material wealth was of no value, and when
I began to feel a sense of urgency for life, and when I understood how
fragile we humans are, I started to take great offence at anyone who
stole my life. People used to steal my life by stealing my time. They
had me running around trying to please the boss. I worked day and
night to reach goals, make targets, meet deadlines, and for what? I
did not mind it when it was fun, exciting, and purposeful. But when
the dirty politics of corporate life sapped my energy, I became
furious. I took my anger out on the idiots and bastards who were
time-thieves. Sometimes I took my anger out on my family and friends.

The thieves went about their business by trying to intimidate me. They
tried to keep me on the run. They lied and cheated, but they did not
know what they were doing. Their soul was empty and they were unkind.
Interestingly, they were the ones who got promoted, who destroyed
confidence, who stabbed people in the back, and who got the accolades.
This still happens. I can’t believe it. I really can’t believe what I
see going on around me.

For many years I fought with these people. I took on every battle. I
stood up to every bully. As a result, I was attacked and bruised.
Almost every single time, my colleagues could not see what the fuss
was about. Invariably, three years later, they would apologise when
they twigged to their naivety.

Eventually, I began to understand that by fighting the idiots, I was
wasting my limited energy. I was better off trying to spend my time
with those who could benefit from it. I started to invest my energy in
helping others to gain their independence.


My mission in life is very simple. I am selfish about life. I have a
gift to enjoy this planet, and I want to make sure that every day is
fabulous. I do still fight battles, argue, and stress out, but every
day I am getting better at reducing the nonsense.

You see, there are people out there who set about increasing their
material wealth, and they succeed, but their burdens increase also. I
am setting out to reduce my burdens and increase my pleasure.

Part of that mix includes a sense of responsibility. I do my humble
little bit to contribute to this world. I cannot solve world hunger,
but I can help just a few people within my means. I can’t clean up the
world, but I can pick up one piece of paper. I can’t purify the
waterways, but I can refrain from adding to the pollution.

I am not superhuman by any means. I have my ups and down, and I have
my needs and desires. I have my weak moments, and my perplexing
thoughts. Gladly, I am growing stronger and surer of foot. I like
myself now, and this has taken years to achieve.

So, I love what I do and I am happy with what I have. I desire a few
things, but I don’t feel that I lack anything. Indeed I am rich.


Part of my joyous spirit wants to share my excitement with others. I
do this in many ways. My books are all about exchanging knowledge. My
lectures are always urging others to strive for a better life.

I do not trade in shares on the stock market because I wholeheartedly
believe that trading in shares is unethical. It sounds funny to say
that. I know it sounds strange. However, I see the destruction and the
greed. Maybe one day I will elaborate on this subject.

I do not smoke. I have never smoked. I feel sorry for those who are
addicted. I feel sorry for those who feel that they have to start.
Furthermore, alcohol has never passed my lips. I am not virtuous. I
have my vices and my weaknesses also. I am not perfect. I am merely
able to control myself to the point where I can see that putting
alcohol and nicotine in my body is like putting sand in my new car’s
engine. Who would polish their new car with stone? Yet our body is a
trillion times more complex than the best car in the world. Why abuse
it when it is so important to us?


I would not wish my childhood on anyone. I still get goose bumps when
I think about the cruelty I have suffered. I feel very sorry for the
boy Jonar who was in so much pain for years. However, it was my
challenge, and half of my life is nearly over. I have paid my dues,
and now I want to live. When you begin to understand my life from my
perspective, you might forgive me for being so passionate about what I
do and say, and what I choose to tackle.


Those who get in my way are usually those who know that if I win the
battle, they will lose their ugly power bases. You can imagine what
levels they would stoop to in order to keep their positions of power.
I do not mind anyone having power. It’s just that I abhor unethical
selfish hypocrites whose miniscule brains get in the way of other
innocent beautiful souls who are trying to mind their own business.

If you want to see me in action, you should be around me when I see
people taking advantage of others. Many memories of my childhood play
out in my mind, as if in slow motion, with dramatic music. Alarm bells
start to ring, and I fly off the handle, hurling myself to quash the
insanity of people’s cruelty. Whether in a shopping centre, a theatre,
a car park, at the office, around a boardroom table, at a restaurant,
or over the phone, I know no limits when inconsiderate arrogant
bastards press my hot buttons. Many a security camera has caught me in
the act. One day I might end up on one of those home video TV shows —
caught in the act of reaching over the counter at a hotel and making
my presence felt.


I am a peaceful person, and a caring person. But people often mistake
me for being passive. Then wham, they are in for a surprise. Don’t
cross nice people. Amongst them are the most dangerous.

I urge everyone to take life seriously. To fight when it is needed. To
stand up to bullies when they can. To push back the tide of cruelty at
every opportunity.

We can’t take on every fight. We can’t stand up to all the bullies.
Some bullies are stronger than us. But if we all did our little bit, I
am sure that the world will be a better place for the new generation.
Besides, angels rush from heaven to help those who are engaging in a
just fight. I have amassed strength and witnessed miracles that have
left me amazed. When angels come to your aide, there is nothing you
can’t do. Just go with the flow.

I wish you copious amounts of bravery, and lashings of audacity.

Jonar Nader