Catches and counters

  • Counter from a jab
    Slip, forearm, right elbow, left rising into the ribs, grab head 2X knee (blitz), step through and sweep or drop and get behind maybe even applying an arm bar on the way down. slip to the right. right elbow to ribs, punch or hand strike to head, then when his arm is up head lock with arm up ( your head is in his armpit) and march him backward.
  • Counter from hay maker
    Step inside, rising elbow block (chin on the chest), reverse punch to the head.
    Counter from throat grab.
    Drop the chin, reach inside and grab each thumb and twist out so opponent’s arms are outstretched.
    Counters to leg kicks (in order of response):
    Kick first, push the kicking leg with yours into the top of leg or your shin on their thigh, check, pivot your knee away with kick then counter with reverse punch
  • Catching a front kick
    Step back as you catch. Slip opposite arm to his leg under knee, then pivot towards his back or sweep or walk them backwards.If my front kick is caught: pivot and kick out as if doing a roundhouse kick downwards, then counter with a high downward back fist or side kick from the leg that was caught. Or pull in and knee to solaplexes, twist head, and lead away.
    When grappling always try to get your arms inside theirs around the neck.
    A reverse front kick should feel like a change over (it’s the best way to get the hips projected forward). Practice by targeting against a wall (don’t lean on it, just touch) remember to start the kick with the shoulder pivot.
    When doing spinning techniques remember that the face faces the target for as long as possible and step across with front leg first to ensure balance and better targeting.