The nature of intelligence

Intelligence is neither learned nor born, it is conditioned. While genetics and experiences have a role (thanks, Margot), I believe that there is a very important component that seems to have been missed by many…We all demonstrate a wide range of behaviours that are selectively reinforced over time. In time, these behaviours lead us to learn and grow and develop in response to our environment.
For example, when I was young, if I could find a way to do my homework while I was in class, I could go home and play straight away. As a result, I tended to learn to do multiple activities simultaneously and to pursue speed and efficiency in class time. How much of who you are, your talents and abilities, are because you are somehow talented, and how much of those talents were only able to develop because of the environment in which you were placed?
And when you remember how much talent is wasted in our community, it could lead you to think about how many of our problems remain unsolved just because somebody has been ridiculed rather than supported; chastisted rather than encouraged; forced to accept rather than being challenged to think.
I have been blessed with many guides, mentors and coaches. Sometimes these people have been supportive and loving; other times they were aggressive and threatening. Sometimes I feel as a grasshopper from a Kung Fu movie… Each and every one of you, thank you.