The Ten Points of Pythagoras

The great mathematician founded a mystery school whose effects are still felt today. While I have often thought back to my earliest studies of Pythagoras, for some reason, a review and restatement of his points felt appropriate today. Some of his principles are very interesting to note:

  1. Walk in unfrequented paths. Wisdom comes from solitude.
  2. Govern your tongue. Where in doubt, be silent.
  3. Adore the sound of the wind blowing. It is the voice of God.
  4. Assist in raising a burden, but not in laying it down.
  5. Speak not without light.
  6. Having parted your house, turn not back; the furies will be your attendants.
  7. The Human body is sacred.
  8. Receive not a swallow into your house. Do not allow drifting thoughts or shiftless persons to enter your life; instead surround yourself with rationally inspired thinkers and conscientious workers.
  9. Offer not your right hand easily.
  10. When rising from bedclothes, obliterate the impression of your body… Eliminate the recollection of spiritual darkness; look forwards only.

Pythagoras led one of the great mystery schools of the ancient world. While we know little for certain about their teachings, the have left us many signs, symbols and ideas.

The Pythagoreans dealt with many deep issues, and were surrounded by the ignorant. To keep their ideas and their lives safe, they needed to engage in information management. The Ten Points of Pythagoras give some of the fundamental attitudes and mechanisms that this was carried out. I believe that there is great relevance for these ideas to modern-day thinkers.