Some Time Management Ideas

  • Get your priorities straight.
  • Think in terms of outcomes, rather than tasks.
  • Use your down-time
  • Showup Early
  • Review your progress

When using a Palm or other personal information management system…

Organise tasks by context

I carry a Palm with me almost all the time, and arrange my tasks in the
following categories:

  • @Agendas – Issues to discuss with people when I speak with them next
  • @Anywhere – Tasks that can be done anywhere
  • @Computer – At my laptop. This may also be online.
  • @Home – Around my home
  • @Karate – At one of my karate training venues
  • @Road – While travelling or out and about, such as picking up some
    salmon for sushi tonight
  • @Uni – At University (I am in my final year of an MBA)
  • Calls – People to phone
  • Project – Some basic Project outlines. My detailed projects are stored
    in Shadow or in MemoPad
  • Waiting – Waiting for somebody else to do something with.


  • Anytime tasksReview projects and ideas, and put them into memos, and ticklers, due
    dates and milestones, and put them into datebook
  • End of dayUpdate todo’s from Projects: memo->todo; Update “today”
    memo (or, in my case, datebook/todo); HappyOMeter (record daily highlights);
    Next todo for each category. Todo should record what should be done

Time Management for School Students

Coming soon…