Discussion with James Lillis on life and sustainability

I was speaking with an old friend, James Lillis, this afternoon about things that he thinks are important. He is a University medalist, one of Australia’s best young Town Planners, and is now working in Nambour. Here are some of the things that we spoke about…

  • We need to increase our awareness of our relationship with the environment. Too many people think of themselves as being disconnected from the natural world, and forget that our fate is inextricably linked with that our of natural environment… Look to reduce your ecological footprint.
  • We all need meaningful work. Too many people spend their working life doing things that they don’t like, that don’t inspire them, and that don’t allow them to access their greatest talents. This leads to depression, disempowerment and a general malaise towards all areas of life.
  • We need to feel connected. Human beings need a sense of connection and affection towards themselves, each other and the community.
    • Through fostering community projects, we can foster the development in community spirit that can facilitate the solving of local issues, and increase the sense of belonging that many people crave. This can also help develop an increased sense of security.
    • Through helping individuals connect with themselves and their own needs and sense of identity, we can help each other develop our own talents and skills to their fullest. While avoiding the glib simplicity of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we should strive for increased self-awareness and the fulfillment of our aspirations.