Health and happiness

  1. Drink enough water
    Your body needs around 2L of water each day… most people don’t get enough. For the sake of your kidney, your skin and the other cells in your body, make sure that you do.
  2. Judge less
    Judging others is expensive and pointless. It is expensive in that it takes your attention away from your tasks, and focuses it upon the deficiencies of others. This will not improve the other person, and your focus upon it will tend to lead to your adoption of some of their negative patterns. Furthermore, by judging others, you condemn yourself, as there will always be greater and lesser persons than yourself; Accept the world as it is, envisage the world better than it is, and strive to make your dreams a reality.
  3. Supplement your food intake
    You can get all the vitamins that you need to function from food naturally, but most people do not. Rather than putting your head in the sand, get your hands on a high quality nutritional supplement and do the right thing by your body. There is more than enough evidence that this will not only reduce your susceptability to illness, but may actually add years to your life expectancy.