Powerful communication

I found a really cool idea about communication. The concept is that great leaders must communicate across a number of modalities or forms – which isn’t a new one. But an email I received explains those modalities in a really useful way: Facts, Emotions and Symbols.

You have to communicate the facts to let people know what’s going on. Academically trained people tend to do this one well, whereas those who aren’t well educated tend to underestimate the value of precision.

Tugging the emotions of your audience is your second weapon. This is your passion about whatever it is that you want to create or do or have. Emotional leverage will allow you to move others to action, rather than just awareness.

Using symbolism allows you to impact at an even deeper level. When you use a symbol, you don’t only communicate the content that you intended to communicate, but you also communicate much of the metaphor or analogy, and challenge your audience to understand the precise analogies you are aiming for.

Delineating between facts, emotions and symbols is not new. But it doesn’t have to be, does it?