Standards: Just One Day

What standard do you demand of yourself? The answer to this question – which you will answer, consciously or unconsciously – will determinethe quality of your life. If you demand higher standards, you will acting in better ways, that will result in more powerful results for yourself and those around you. If you let yourself get away with anything, you’ll be stuck with whatever you’re lucky enough to get.

Sometimes chance events change everything. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. But at the end of the day, you will enjoy lifeto whatever extent you demand.

I was looking at some of my karate students just the other day. One of them had only begun training a few weeks ago, yet had developed his skill to a very high standard. He wasn’t a black belt yet – but he was training like he should be one. He would push himself to kick and punch harder than anybody else there – and even when he didn’t make it, he would push himself harder next time. He has the mentality that I’m talking about.

What really distinguishes some people is that they not only demand a higher standard, but that they continually raise their standards. It’s great to aim to be a “black belt”, but if that’s the only goal, the student will stop training once they get there. Instead, I suggestthat you take on the attitude of being your personal best.

They teach it in Scouts, where they are commanded “Do Your Best” week after week.When Tiger Woods decided that he would not only be better than anybody else he plays in the tournament, but that he would be the best golfer that had ever lived, or ever would live, he set himself a standard farbeyond what most people contemplate.

But why not?

Why don’t you become great?

What excuse are you giving yourself for not using your innate genius in the world?

Don’t tell me that you aren’t talented. You are absolutely unique – you have a set of experiences, characteristics and skills that are totally different from what anybody else has ever had, or ever will have.

You CAN be the greatest you that has ever lived, or ever will live.

But most people don’t, do they. Most of the people in the world are happily working away towards somebody else’s goals, dreams and visions… they aren’t willing to stick their neck out and really go for it – to make it happen.

If you had all the time in the world, all the money that you needed and all the resources that you could ever imagine, what would you do? If you would have to change anything about your life, you are deluding yourself: You have everything that you ever need – or can ever have – within you right now. There is no substantial difference between you and the greatest leaders, thinkers and people of our world. People have come from worse places with less brains to achieve more and experience greater fulfillmentthan you’ve ever contemplated.

What’s your excuse? What’s your story for not being who you really are?

Is it too hard?

Too hard? But is it really? It is only too hard while you focus on what is hard, and forget how hard it will be to look your children in the eye, and tell them to give their best when you have never given yours. THAT is hard.

Is it hard to do what you love?

No: It is hard work to go through the drudgery of 9-5 that most of the Western world lives with. We’ve lied to each other, and to ourselves, to make it acceptable – even desirable – to just follow the crowd.

I’m tired of it – no more! No more will I accept anything less than I deserve – the freedom to do what I want, when I want, as much as I want, that I will gain by using my unique gifts to the betterment of humanity.

I challenge you to join me.

If you could unlock the shackles what would you do? Even if it were for just one day, what would you do to show the world, and remind yourself, that you are unique, and demand of the world the prize that comes from being who you truly are?

Just one day would be all it would take… You would never, NEVER, go back.