Thoughts on Entrepreneurship

I received an email from a 15-year-old requesting my help for his hopes to become an entrepreneur. This was my response, totally unedited. I hope that it helps you.

Hey there, ____!

Thanks for your email – I’d love to discuss entrepreneurship with you. There’s lots to learn… and I am the first to admit that I don’t know everything!

Lesson #1: Cut the “a little stupid coming from a 15 year old kid ” crap. If I can help you realise just one thing, it is that Entrepreneurs are the Emperors of the world (Lester T), and that the reason for that is that they decide for themselves what they want, and they do it. It is much “easier” to be an employee, work hard, save hard and be just like everybody else. It is much easier to bitch and moan about how the boss makes more money than they do, and that it isn’t fair that that smartass who came up with the idea for the company and hasn’t worked here for the past 20 years has been living off our hard work blah blah blah.

This is not a fair world. It is a free world, and the people do get screwed over. But some people win… you do not get rich or powerful by complaining about the rules of nature, you succeed by using those rules to your advantage.

Lesson #2: Self-employed = NOT entrepreneur. I learnt quickly to be self-employed. It took me longer to learn to be an entrepreneur. I’ve got a Business Management degree from UQ where I did every entrepeneurial subject that they offered, and I did all the entrepreneurship subjects available in the MBA program in my first semester. Universities suck at teaching entrepreneurship. The reason is simple: (Almost) Nobody who teaches at a Unversity has ever done it!

Lesson #3: Attitude is everything. Entrepreneurs are the modern equivalent of alchemists: they try to create something from “nothing” and get paid for it.

Anyway, I must get back to work… If this was what you were looking for, let me know… we’ll work something out.