Some strikes and combinations

Basic techniques…
Uppercut Hook Switch Cut-back Lunge (eg lunge backfisting) Tap down backfist

Some of my favourite combinations…

  • Double head-punch
  • Uppercut-hook
  • Double head-punch, uppercut-hook
  • Jab, reverse knee
  • Jab, double head-punch, reverse front kick
  • Left check, right roundhouse kick
  • Jab, right body punch, uppercut overhand right
  • Knees (from a grappling posture)
  • Jab, switch front kick, roundhouse
  • Double jab
  • Feint, overhand right
  • Switch front kick, double head-punch
  • Jab, reverse front kick, double head-punch, reverse roundhouse kick (land side-on), step up-backfist-sidekick