Rules of Combat

On The Street… according to Soke Bob Jones:

  1. One opponent – use hands only.
  2. Two opponents – use hands and feet.
  3. Three (or more) opponents – go to town!

Legally, you are permitted to use ‘reasonable’ force to repel an attack. This means that you can use just enough force to remove the threat. For example, if somebody is going to push you out of the way, you can’t take out a knife and kill them!
In general, you are able to use just more force than the other person will use, or could be expected to use, against you.

In the Dojo, your training partners are your team. Always deliver techniques with only the amount of force that you know your partner is comfortable with, and that your instructor permits.

  • Some people only want to train light. This is fine.
  • Some people want to train hard. This is fine.

Each of us has different needs from martial arts training. We must learn to respect that some people do not have as much a need to test the effectiveness of their techniques as others. By bowing in sparring or self-defence, you agree to work together, without hurting each other.