Applications from Iron Horse

  1. Groin strike
    Bear hug: step out at 45º, drop body weight and raise elbows. Then strike your opponent, particularly think of elbows to their mid-section.
    Full nelson: as you feel their hands under your arm pits, drop your body weight downwards and trap their arms. Spin around to attack.
  2. Flat elbow
    Block and catch a punch: Opponent throws a right punch, to which you execute a flat elbow. Use this to slip out of the way of the punch and attempt to grab the wrist of the attacker. You could also use this position to attack the right arm of your opponent.
  3. Overhand elbow
    Straight punch: Slip blindside and reverse their strike by grabbing their wrist. Techniques 2 and 3, the two elbows.
    Body weight repositioning by taking their body weight up to maintain your control. This can be seen clearly through them grabbing you in double lapel grab, which may be countered by this technique. Power is amplified by moving your body weight backwards.
  4. Body punch
    Beyond being a simple punch to the body, this can also become a takedown: move in close to your opponent and to their left hand side. With your feet the same distance forward as your opponent’s, push with your left hand while pulling your left leg behind you. This can also be seen to come from technique 7.
  5. Arm break
    Grab an attacker’s arm at the wrist, twist their arm so that the back of their hand faces your body and put pressure onto their elbow. A further variation: pressure onto their shoulder.
    Either of these can be combined with moving your body weight towards you and downwards. By pulling your bodyweight counter clockwise if you have their left arm, or clockwise for their right arm, you can take the attacker to the ground.
  6. Thrusting elbow
    Attacker moving in from the side, to which you grab their shirt and deliver the elbow. This technique is particularly relevant to multiple attack scenarios, where the sideways movement (left to right) gets you out of the way of attackers.
  7. Block-grapple-knee
    Football tackle: Guard with left hand (flat elbow), knee, flip over with right hand by sliding right hand under their left shoulder (overhand elbow). Trap their hands and bring them into a knee. Follow this with hand strikes to the head – from the block-grapple knee. With one hand trap the attacker’s hands, use the other to drop your weight across their elbows and move backwards. With their balance broken, pull them down to the ground. Then reverse the direction of your motion by driving forwards with your hands against their face and your knee against their chest. This is designed to help them fall over backwards. When combined with the next technique, this can become a major wheel reap: if left leg forward, step your right foot just beyond their foot, bring left leg up in front of you, drawing back and aiming to hit their calf with yours.
  8. Palm heel
    See technique 4 for application to a takedown. Palm heel can also be thought of as a general technique for attacking the face. Push your hand across an attackers face, and you will tend to disorient them. Combine with clawing of the soft targets across the face, such as the eyes, to create more explicit damage.
  9. Body punch
    Remember to vary the direction of your attack in combinations. Hit high then low. Use your feet, then your hands. Strike to the left, then to the right.
    The palm heel and body punch can also be thought of as a feint-body punch. The feint should be directed high and should look like it is meant as a definite technique, in order that it be most effective.