Review of “Al Dunlap”

What a great review of the Chainsaw…

  1. Develop an Inner Circe
    Build a close team who can push the best from each other. Bring people with you to a new organisation who you’ve worked with before – in a new situation, get new ideas through new people.
  2. Invest in planning and training
    Compress time scales by moving the target forward. If the outcome is due Thursday, ask if it is finished Tuesday. Tell people repeatedly what you want them to remember. Set awesome due dates to get your team to strictly discipline themselves.
  3. Develop fast opinions regarding staff competencies
    Ask the same question in different way on different days to evaluate the consistency and effectiveness of their thinking. Don’t hold on to the people who caused the problems in the first place.
  4. Business is simple
    Set major, attainable goals. Hold people accountable. Focus on the goals. Don’t complicate matters – just make things happen.
  5. Small executive staff
    Make the executive a powerful team who are completely accountable.
  6. Make no big decisions where there are lots of people
    Meetings with more than 12 people lead to no results. 6 people is a better number to bring together to actually resolve a situation.
  7. Create opportunities to train people – to get them to make things happen.


  1. Continually attack costs
    Slice the fat first: cut jobs from HQ – deal with the Unions last
    Reduce the numbers of suppliers – make them competitive. Leverage volumes, encourage bidding and remember that nobody has you forever.
  2. Be ruthless – give loyalty to merit only.
  3. Focus on your core business
    Ask yourself, “What business are we in?” “What business should we be in?”
    Do the right things consistently. Find ways to grow the company: improve and innovate. Minimise the breadth of focus – the number of businesses.
  4. Strategy: find a vision and a mechanism for making that vision into reality.
    Consistently review your process – take risks

Characteristics of Power Performers

  • Be detached from public perception.
  • Think of life as
    • “An adventure (don’t analyse as good and bad: it’s all life!)
    • “I am totally responsible (don’t blame circumstances, other people or events for where you are now)
    • “Choices – destiny is not waited for, it is to be achieved. Nobody has no choice; nobody has to go to work.
    • “The journey is the thing – intensity of life is awesome. Personal satisfaction, rather than external awards are the meaning of life. Distinguish objectives from day dreams: objectives – you plan, take time, are written and motivating, and demand you to make things happen.
    • “Experience success before achievement – focus on your outcome, and imagine achieving the target. Become an achiever.
    • “Don’t let others drag you down – ask advice from people who know, not people who talk.
    • “If you want things to change, change yourself. And create a positive expectancy.
    • “Create opportunities for effortless brilliance
    • “Make money work for you – it is not the outcome, but you need lots of it to get by in life. So be valuable! To achieve this, become an entrepreneur
      • have passion for what you do,
      • do things that you would do even if there was no pay,
      • develop marketable skills,
      • develop yourself,
      • make money work for you,
      • find new directions to generate new sources of money,
      • … Become entrepreneurial – motivate, evaluate and action.
    • “Define your focus – do the most we can do in your time. Setting realistic, specific and motivating goals lead to achievement.
    • “Enhance your time – don’t squander it!
  • Try to see and do everything. How?
    • Spend only 8 hours at work: get more done through creativity.
    • Take the pressure out of the job
    • Spend time with your family
    • Make yourself more promotable
    • Get a reputation for reliability
  • Maximise the effectiveness of your time
    • Focus on one thing at any one time.
    • Adapt a daily planner to yourself
    • Prioritise your outcomes
    • Set challenging deadlines
    • Control your interruptions: nobody should drop in, close your door sometimes, discourage face-to-face contact in favor of phone/email etc
    • Read everything once – deal with things
    • Have lunch at an odd hour
    • Call people: don’t visit them!
    • Don’t think things over – if you have enough information, decide. If you need more information, find out what information you need!
    • Use your planner every day.”
    • Fear immobilizes – to convert fear into fortune, face your fears head on!
    • “Put love in your life – love life through doing what you can do best!

The Seven Traits of Achievers

  1. Let go in the past; live in the present. You are fully responsible for your life now; clean up past relationships; forgive yourself.
  2. Eliminate concern for the future – live in the present!
  3. Develop an even, rational disposition
  4. Don’t just make a profit: be fun and be different!
  5. Enjoy life today
  6. Rise above the need to have people like you
  7. Rise above the need to impress others.

The Future

  • Everything is moving faster: multicultural, global and fast changing economy.
  • Continued leadership will only come through reinventing the system. The control of technology will become the new power. Don’t ever do just enough to get by! Fear is borne by ignorance: look for the edge. 3M employs 10% more people than they need – that way, people spend time being creative…
  • Become an intellectual entrepreneur – they are the trillionaires of the next century!
  • Be a leader – be true to yourself. Become a lifelong learner. Use: futurepacing and curiosity. Always think of yourself as a student, else knowledge can stifle you. Don’t allow yourself to become a drone.